Window Tinting: Building Window Tinting

Building Window Tinting

Architectural window tinting

While glass has always been one of the most popular go-to features for many architectural feats, it can often lead to a few problems. These include excessive glare, a build up of heat and premature fading of carpets, curtains and furniture. However, a simple application of window film can prevent this. We can help you find the film with the right light transmissions to suit your needs so that you can make the most out of your window tints.

Window tinting is available in to forms

Solar control

Wicked Cars can source a variety of clear and tinted films for your windows. We’ll help you find the right tint to provide you with several levels of protection from the elements. Ultimately, a window tint can help you reduce your overall power or petrol costs, as the tints can help prevent the need for air conditioning.

Safety/Security film

Windows can be incredibly expensive to replace, so protecting them is of utmost importance. Give your vehicle or building the protection your windows need from shattering caused by smash and grab attacks, break-ins, accidents or natural disasters.